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Motor City Green Community Project – Zeoplant Water Saving

Dear Sir,

With reference to our meeting and discussion about the irrigation water savings at Motor City Green Community, we would like to state the following.

Dubai Motor City is divided into two projects called Green Community and Uptown. Zeoplant – Moisture Retaining Soil Additive was part of the soil mix in Green Community during the construction in 2008. Our company ServeU took over the maintenance package for both projects from the former landscaping contractor in 2013.

We are getting an average irrigation usage of 6,500 m3/day for the entire Motor City. The detailed irrigation schedule of both projects is as follows.

Green Community irrigation as per design, Sprayers are running  4 minutes, 2 times daily and Drip line is running 18 minutes, 2 times daily.


Green Community with Zeoplant

  • Sprayer : 0.75 lpm  = 8 minutes run time (24 Hours) =  6 liters/m2/day
  • Drip line: 0.9 gph = 36 minutes run time (24 Hours) = 0.54 gal (each dripper)
  • Daily water consumption 1,266 m3
  • Water saved daily 1,266 m3

Uptown irrigation as per design, Sprayers are running  9 minutes, 2 times daily and Drip line is running 48 minutes, 2 times daily.


Uptown without Zeoplant

  • Sprayer : 0.75 lpm = 18 minutes run time  (24 Hours) = 13.5 liters/m2/day
  • Drip line : 0.9 gph = 96 minutes run time (24 Hours) = 1.44 gal (each dripper)
  • Daily water consumption 5,334 m3
  • Water saved daily 0 m3


This irrigation schedule was forwarded to Zeoplant LLC from the former landscaping contractor and did not change since our take over.

For Green Community, the stated timing for sprayers, sprinklers and drip line is correct. We agree with the statement of Zeoplant and hereby confirm that the information is correct regarding savings of irrigation water for Green Community.

Javed Husain

Facilities Manager, ServeU (download original reference letter)

Khayelitsha Hospital Landscaped Gardens – South Africa

With reference to the photographs below which show the planting beds on either side of the access road off Walter Sisulu Drive to the Khayelitsha Hospital. In September 2011, Zeoplant soil additive was incorporated by the landscape sub-contractor, as per the manufacturers specifications, into the soil mixture prior to planting in the bed on the north side of the access road and was left out of the soil mixture on the south side of the road.

The planting is clearly growing more strongly on the north side of the road where the Zeoplant soil additive was included in the soil mixture and the hedge and Araucaria trees show much healthier and denser foliage. Much of the ground cover planting on the south side has not survived. It should be noted that the irrigation system was broken for a long period over the 2013/14 summer months and neither side of the road was adequately watered. However, the north side of the road has recovered quickly during winter and the plant growth is strong and healthy.

I therefore recommend that Zeoplant be added to the soil mixture in all future landscaping and planting projects where water saving is required and especially in dry, sandy soil conditions such as the Cape Flats of Cape Town.

Project Management, Clare C A Burgess

Steyn City – South Africa

Steyn City is set to be the largest and most ambitious multi-use residential/commercial development to date. Having built the Nicklaus design Championship course on the estate, Golf Data was appointed to design and construct green belts, parklands and soft-scaped CBD zones within the vast estate. Our landscaping project on Steyn City started in January 2012 with the first seeding operation taking place on the 18 May 2012 where Golf Data took the opportunity to first test Zeoplant.

It is important to note that South African soils are predominantly poor quality, sandy soils with very low water holding capacity, and the conditions on site at Steyn City are no exception; we hoped that the application of Zeoplant would assist us in better managing these conditions.

We applied Zeoplant at the suggested rate of 3kg/m2 onto the existing soil medium after raking and removing debris. Thereafter the Zeoplant was worked into the soil top horizon at a depth of 5cm with a mechanical tilling machine and leveled for seeding. The Tall Fescue (Festuca arundinacea) was seeded and watered.

The average temperature we experienced this May was around 18 degrees & with winter rapidly approaching it was not ideal conditions for germination or for testing the conditions. However, on visible inspection it was clear that where Zeoplant had been applied the soil remained moist for longer periods relative to those areas where Zeoplant was not applied.

The Tall Fescue seed germinated in 12 days and was consistent for both sample areas. Conditions are currently warming up and further testing and comparisons will be done during the growth phase up to and including completion, although at face value the results to date are very encouraging.

We look forward to making use of Zeoplant on the Steyn City driving range shortly as we will then be able to provide more accurate comparisons of water and fertilizer usage relative to adjacent golf holes.

Hilton Stevens

Horticulturist, Golf Data Holdings

Oman Botanic Garden – Oman

This is to certify that we have used the product Zeoplant at the Oman Botanic Garden in Muscat Oman. We tested the product mainly on our native Omani trees.

The product was administered during the Omani summer of 2011. It was interesting to note that this product Zeoplant was only worked in from the top and not actually dug into a newly prepared soil mixture. Zeoplant was applied to a crop of Prosopis cineraria trees already growing in 100 liter air pots. Prosopis cineraria is native to Arabia and the western parts of India. The trees in question – foliage was turning yellow, and the plants were not absorbing water as well as they should do.

After only six weeks the results were quite startling. The trees required less water (up to 50% – less than before) their colour improved dramatically and they looked healthy. Their growth rate was dramatic (over the next 6 months) and they soon needed to be transplanted into larger containers. A number of other native Arabian trees were tested all with similar results. I would definitely recommend this product.

Ian Oliver

Head of Horticulture, Oman Botanic Garden

Presidential Palace – Syria

Following the recent Zeoplant trials performed on the container grown roses at the Presidential Palace, Latakia,Syria, we can give feedback that the results were above and beyond our expectations.

The purpose of the trial was not only to test for water- and additional savings as Zeoplant is known for, but to determine how Zeoplant would contribute to the overall plant growth and aesthetics, especially when used for container grown plants. We can positively confirm that the growth rate for Zeoplant applied roses, with a 50% reduction on irrigation, was double that of the roses used as control. The Zeoplant applied rose bushes was more vigorous in growth, also healthier with no signs of diseases or any nutrient deficiencies, furthermore the flower forming was 7 days earlier than the control and also better in quality and quantity.

During the trial period of 12 weeks, no fertilizer (granular or foliar) was applied to the Zeoplant applied roses, in comparison with 3 applications (x1 monthly) for the controlled roses. Furthermore the controlled roses had to be treated for fungal diseases, whereas the Zeoplant applied roses was disease free.

In conclusion the client was more than satisfied with the results, not only from a savings point of view but also from the continued phenomenal aesthetics achieved. As a professional Horticulture consultant, I can highly recommend the use for Zeoplant with any container grown plant.

Dr. H. A. Moolman

Managing Director, Washingtonia

Al Rayyan Municipality – Qatar

Zeoplant carried out a joint trial with Al Rayyan Municipality in Qatar from 20th May 2010 over the hot summer period which turned out to be the hottest summer in Qatar for the last 30 years.

This project was a strong evidence to Rayyan Municipality that Zeoplant reduces the irrigation water demand by 50–64% for their projects where Zeoplant will be integral part of their project specifications.

Jamal Matar Al Nuaimi

Engineer, Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning

RAK Bank Project – UAE

We are pleased to confirm our satisfaction with Zeoplant as a soil moisture additive. Green Concepts (GCLA) specifies Zeoplant for all our projects because it is a natural mineral with exceptional soil moisture retaining capacity. Being a natural mineral it is a permanent addition to sweet sand and its benefits do not decline as the landscape matures.

The actual irrigation water reduction evident on the RAK Bank project is approximately 50% simply because the irrigation intervals were every two days instead of daily at the establishment phase and reduced to every four days instead of two days during the cooler month. This information is based on the central irrigation controller data.

We noted that the contractor found it very simple to spread Zeoplant and to mix it with the sweet sand…

Dr. H. A. Moolman

General Manager, Gulf Landscape & Irrigation Systems LLC

Durrat Al Bahrain – Bahrain

Zeoplant was chosen by Rabya because it had been successfully implemented at similar projects in the UAE, mainly Palm Jumeirah & many other prestigious projects, and has been recommended by leading consultants and contractors.

Zeoplant was easy to apply and did not require any mixing with sweet sand before application unlike other products.

The consumption of irrigation water was reduced by approximately 50-60% during the growing and planting schedule.

Due the high nutrient content of the product we also realized a healthier and faster growth and establishment of the plants.

Zeoplant has fully met our expectations and we would recommend it for further projects in the area.

Faris Jabrara

Area Manager, Rabya Trading & Agriculture Company

Montgomerie Links – Vietnam

Zeoplant was chosen because it had been tested and passed USGA soil amendment standards and because it has also an organic component which is beneficial in making golf greens receptive to golf shots in the early stages of golf green construction.

Zeoplant was very easy to apply and did not require any mixing with the green sand before application unlike peat moss which requires pre-mixing before application.

The consumption of irrigation water is approximately 50-60% less during the grow-in of the greens compared to the other areas of the golf course where Zeoplant has not been used. Once the grass has grown-in the time between applications of irrigation on the greens is 3-4 days compared to daily for the non amended soils.

Zeoplant has met our expectations and I would recommend it for use in golf greens.

Laurie Walsh

Project Manager, IMG Construction Management

Palm Jumeirah Dubai + various projects in Abu Dhabi – UAE

We have gained very good results by using Zeoplant and would like to confirm the following improvements:

Zeoplant reduces the infiltration speed of the irrigation water in sandy soils and therefore reduces the consumption of irrigation water drastically. We can confirm a reduction of irrigation water by more than 50% and we experienced that the soil where Zeoplant was mixed was still containing enough moisture.

We also realized that young landscaping plants established better and faster with the usage of Zeoplant by having a good nutrient supply.

It was easy for our people on site to apply Zeoplant and didn’t cause any extra additional mixing procedure.

Due to the above we highly recommend Zeoplant as soil additive for landscaping projects in all Gulf Areas where the sandy soil cannot hold water and do not help any new plant establishment.

Mounjid Salameh

Chief Operating Officer, Cityscape

Palm Jumeirah Dubai – UAE

We record and confirm that we have used this product extensively on the Palm Jumeirah landscaping works which has been tried and tested within the U.A.E. by the client for the specific purpose of sustainable and effective watering operations.

We confirm that this product has been proven to be successful on the Palm Jumeirah and far superior to alternative products currently on the market. This was most notable in the initial stages of the works when the irrigation network was not completed. We found that the number of water tanker trips was significantly reduced after the application of this product. As a result we have seen a more rapid establishment of the soft landscaping at a time when irrigation water was unavailable.

Due to the above we confirm that Zeoplant has now been incorporated within our Specification as a standard material within our soil mixing design.

Eike Selby

Senior Landscape Architect, Al Khatib Cracknell

Palm Jumeirah Dubai – UAE

Zeoplant was a recommended part of the soil mix in all softscape applications.

We have experienced extremely good results by using Zeoplant and would like to confirm the following improvements:

The consumption of irrigation water could be drastically reduced. We have decreased the irrigation time by 50% and realized that the soil where Zeoplant was mixed was still containing enough moisture.

The mortality rate of the plants, particularly shrubs and palms could be reduced to a much lower rate. Zeoplant has a very good reaction and in the shoreline areas with high salinity.

The application of Zeoplant was very easy and did not require any additional procedures or caused implications to other works.

From our good and satisfactory experience with Zeoplant, we highly recommend usage of this product as soil additive for landscaping projects in the Middle East where sandy soils are causing difficult conditions in all aspects.

Omar K. Mahmoud

Project Manager, ARCO Irrigation & Landscaping Est.