The Advantages of Zeoplant

Zeoplant gives you a lot of advantages to care for your plants, consumption of irrigation water and protection of the environment.

100% Natural

Zeoplant has three major components, which are common for good quality natural soils. Two of them are inorganic natural rock types, and one is a natural organic fiber material.

1. Component: rhyolitic tuff
2. Component:  phyllo silicate
3. Component: cellulose, a natural fiber material, which is also used as a food additive.

High Water Holding Capacity (WHC)

Due to its natural structure, Zeoplant can easily absorb and store huge amounts of irrigation water and it prevents this water from percolating uselessly deep into the ground as Zeoplant keeps it at the root level. Run-times of irrigation systems and irrigation intervals for parks and gardens can be decreased once Zeoplant is used.

Minimum of 50% Less Water and Fertilizer Expenses

With the application of Zeoplant one can save high cost for operation and maintenance. Zeoplant will effectively save money by reducing irrigation water application by minimum 50% and will make plants look much healthier even under harsh desert conditions. The investment in Zeoplant pays back in short time.

Desert Proofed

Zeoplant is testified and approved in the hardest climatic conditions. Sand, high temperatures, direct sun light, salty ground and high saline water tables. Numerous official clients and government departments, as well as selected major developers in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar were amazed by the results of Zeoplant.

Zeoplant helps to green the desert and saves massive amounts of irrigation water.

Protect the Environment

Besides extensive irrigation also the over usage of chemical fertilizers is threatening the environment. With Zeoplant one will be able to use much less fertilizers, because of lesser water usage and the nutrition binding effect of Zeoplant. Additionally Zeoplant contains all necessary macro, mezzo and micro elements for the plants which are released according to the needs of the plant roots. Using less synthetic fertilizers is active protection of the environment and saves additional money.

Beautiful Growth of Your Plants

The Zeoplant effect will show up within days after its application. From the very first day one needs to apply half irrigation water and even plant mortality will be reduced. The soil or sand remains humid and porous. Sandy ground agglomerates and does not blow away even in windy areas. Plants are continuously better supplied by water and fertilizers right there, where they need it and will show their beauty already after a couple of days.

Thanks to Zeoplant.